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John Troon

Date: January 26th, 2022, Posted by macstudio


With a zest for life John packed much in over the past few years. After several years in a corporate environment, he decided on a change and relaunched a practise in 2015 with Dale Lloyd (his wife and life partner). Here, he continued his love of law and passing on his learning to others. His affinity with the law was only outshone by his love for family – extremely proud, he derived immense pleasure in being with his wife and children, nurturing and watching their growth.

John’s quick wit, gentlemanly manner, and legal ability endeared him to his colleagues, and clients alike. So many messages were received to the office (and at his Memorial Service), relaying how instrumental John was in fellow lawyers individual journeys, and how many years later they utilise principles he drummed into them while establishing their own careers.

Alongside John’s love of family and friends, there was nothing he enjoyed better than entertaining friends at home with Dale, going on tour with his gang on his Triumph Bonneville, listening to loud music (any genre), mowing lawns, getting into Branches for his annual fix of our beautiful backcountry, and more recently away on new adventures overseas with Dale.

Being a boutique law firm, John’s death has been a devastating loss in the practice, however he nurtured and worked with all of us to instill the principles that he held so dear. In turn we mourn your loss John and strive to uphold your values and passion for law and in assisting others. RIP


Having gained his initial experience in private practise in New Zealand, John spent four years in the United Kingdom where he was legal counsel to a large group of companies with significant interests in liquor, viticulture, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and covering primary production, wholesaling, marketing and joint ventures.

Upon his return to New Zealand, John entered private practise providing legal advice to private clients across the full spectrum of legal services.

In nearly three decades of practice in Queenstown, John provided local, national and international clientele legal advice in negotiating, structuring and documenting commercial and property transactions, leasing and all aspects of rural, residential and commercial conveyancing, securities, trust, estate and asset planning.


  • Honorary Solicitor for the Wakatipu Committee of the Order of St John
  • Trustee for the Wakatipu Plunket Trust
  • Property Law Section

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Dale Lloyd

Date: January 18th, 2022, Posted by macstudio

Dale has served as a legal adviser to families and business owners throughout the South Island for over 20 years and has extensive experience in all litigation areas and specialises in family and civil law, property and family disputes, employment law, wills, trusts and asset planning.

She is a Ministry of Justice appointed Lawyer for the Child, a Youth Advocate, an accredited LEADR mediator, and is currently a Trustee on the Wakatipu High School Board of Trustees.

Dale believes the measure of her success as a lawyer is making a difference for her client. She is passionate about facilitating sustainable positive change.

“A large part of my practice involves providing advice in the nature of problem solving and/or planning for my clients on matters that affect them and their property, and implementing that advice for them”


  • Independent referee for Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Trustee on the Board of Trustees – Wakatipu High School
  • Former Trustee of Queenstown Primary School and Wakatipu Plunket Trust
  • Queenstown representative for Otago Branch of the New Zealand Law Society
  • Leadr – Member
  • NZ Law Society – Member
  • Family Section Law – Member

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Law: A culture of change

Date: October 15th, 2019, Posted by macstudio

Author: Dale Lloyd
Published in Cur Ad Vult June 2019

Reading Jo Hambleton’s article on law in the time of Dickens encouraged me to reflect, and to look forward, at the social rules that govern human society.  Richard Susskind in Tomorrow’s Lawyers describes law as “one of humanity’s most remarkable and sophisticated constructs, a comprehensive system of knowledge that provides a framework for human order and behaviour”.  

So then, who are we that work in the area of the rules that govern our society in New Zealand, and what does looking forward suggest for law in our time.  The Snapshot of the Profession in 2019, published in Law Talk March 2019 provided a very good analysis of the demographic of the 14,333 holders of Practising Certificates.  Queenstown where I am based was recorded as having 94 lawyers, 48.9% of whom had been in practice for less than 10 years.

I recently had the good fortune of attending the NZLS Culture and Systems Change Symposium. I came away with the abiding desire to tell our stories, and celebrate our stories.  As a profession many of us make our skills available to our communities.  The young lawyers I meet are deeply committed to giving to and helping the communities with which they engage.   

Access to Justice has many guises, not the least of which arise in those areas blessed with circuit courts.  How best can we lawyers assist those we represent to have their disputes resolved?  There are fewer civil cases being resolved – and the costs of resolution are increasing.  Research out of the Otago Legal Issues Centre has brought into sharp focus the costs of resolving disputes – and the delay that is endemic.  

The business of law faces the usual challenges and opportunities faced by business – the consumers desire for more product for less cost; the concept of liberalisation (of where provides legal services); and the impact that technology has had, and will continue have.  

It is this last, technology, that is currently facilitating greater access to justice.  The use of AVL is gaining traction – it is used in criminal courts particularly for bail hearings.    In the civil jurisdiction we have long used AVL for list courts.  On-line dispute resolution is a growing (and it appears necessary) facility.  So, what are the possibilities?

Being of the age where I still have to look at the remote when changing channels (we all still do that right?) I question how and in what ways I am constrained when thinking about the possibilities.  Could AVL be extended to provide a court along the lines of E-Duty? Or is that simply linear thinking and not making the most of the opportunities?  As someone who has been in practice for more than 10 years, I am hopeful that those in the less than 10-year group, who will soon make up the greater number in Queenstown, will lead the charge in how we might utilise technology in the practice of law.  Let’s tell those stories.

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QLDC wants luxury homes exempt from sale ban

Date: January 21st, 2019, Posted by macstudio

The Queenstown Lakes District Council wants luxury homes to be exempt from the government’s foreign buyers ban.

The local council says the homes might not sell if only available to New Zealanders. Photo: 123RF

Some expensive homes owned by the exeptionally wealthy may not sell if they are only available to New Zealanders, it said in its submission on the bill.

The legislation follows through on one of Labour’s key pre-election promises to ban foreigners from buying existing properties.

The council said the district had benefited “significantly” from people who have purchased in the luxury home market.

“Not only have we seen traditional investment in local business, but we have seen the launch of ground breaking social enterprises and incredible impact investment,” the submission said.

That part of the housing market attracted high net worth people to the country who help the economy by bringing expertise, connections, investment and philanthropy, it said.

The council also said failing to acknowledge the value of high net worth individuals is “inconsistent with several existing strategies and government initiatives”.

The Queenstown council along with Nelson Council both complained about the submission period falling over the Christmas break saying it meant they did not have enough time to consider the bill.

Select Committee hearings on the foreign buyers ban legislation begins in Parliament today.

From RNZ 22 Feb 2018

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Keri Chisholm

Date: January 18th, 2019, Posted by macstudio

Keri is an integral part of our team and is the glue that keeps us organised, on-track and together. Having worked previously with John and Dale for many years, Keri joined the duo again in 2015 to assist in a growing practice.

She has built a rapport with many of Lloyd Troon Law’s existing clients and shows a sensitive, discreet ability when dealing with everyone.

Having lived in the Wakatipu for over 30 years, Keri is a familiar face at school and on the sport circuit supporting her family.

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Steph Bewley

Date: January 18th, 2019, Posted by macstudio

Having lived in the Wakatipu since 1990, Steph has worked in legal offices both in New Zealand and off shore for over 20 years and has been self-employed working in her own business for over 10 years. Steph’s experience and skills are diverse; from finance, commercial and private property transactions, compliance, administration of company, charitable trusts and estates, property management to project and events management.

Steph has worked with Lloyd Troon Law since 2016, as a Legal Executive, in a Practice Management role, and as a Consultant. Providing support to a growing Queenstown law practice, Steph enjoys mentoring new law graduates and staff to assist them to reach their potential.

“I enjoy meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life and being organised, enjoy taking leadership and responsibility of our clients”.


  • Trustee – Branches Charitable Trust 2010 – 2016
  • Treasurer – Wakatipu Rowing Club 2011
  • Secretary – Wakatipu Rowing Club 2012 – 2014
  • Secretary & Committee member of Wakatipu Kindergarten, Queenstown Primary School and various sporting Fundraising Committees 1999 -2009

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