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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Every day we are involved in resolving disputes – from guiding you so you avoid disputes, to providing you with practical advice on the most appropriate course for resolving them. This can include representing you in negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.


Business, Company & Commercial

Having been in business in Queenstown for over 30 years, we know that the first priority is to have clarity in the agreements you enter into, and robust mechanisms to realise the best outcome for you and your business.  We measure our success in meeting your needs in attention to detail, in a time-frame and at a cost that meets with your particular needs.


Employment Law

The employment relationship is an ever evolving one – employers and employees need certainty, to know their rights and obligations.  We can assist you from before the relationship starts, throughout its life in developing a productive relationship and in the event that the relationship breaks down, with advice as to your legal position and the best options available to you.


Family & Private Law

Our family shapes our future.  While often it is when a relationship ends that people consult a lawyer, it is not just when things go wrong that we can help you.  We can help you structure your affairs to manage and minimise the impacts at separation, death and succession – the most stressful times in our lives.  With more years of experience than at least two of us wish to acknowledge, our goal is to realise the best and most cost-effective outcome for you and your family whether that is through negotiation and agreement, or requires more formal processes, including application to Court.


Property & Real Estate

Every transaction comes with its own excitement – and maybe for you, some uncertainty.  Our role is to ensure that the transaction is clear and certain. To achieve that, we will assist you in identifying whether the opportunity you are faced with is the best transaction for you, and where appropriate, guide you to a successful settlement and vindicate your enthusiasm.


Wills, Trusts, Estates & Elder Law

Whatever your story, your current stage in life (at each stage of your life), and your particular needs – the structures in place need to support you.  From your first engagement with us, and whenever there is a significant change in your life, we will advise you of the options available to you, why you need to take those steps and work with you to put in place the structures you identify as the best for you.